It Will Be Alright Now

Hi. I wanna sleep. So, keeping this as short as I can. I have written a poem inspired by Soon You’ll Get better, yes, from Lover. Again. So, if you don’t already know, it is my favorite album. Anyways, Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings suggested this wonderful song. So, thank you Evin. I read, it’s a very personal song to Taylor Swift. Both her parents battled cancer and when she released this album, her mother was diagnosed with it again. It seems, she had a family discussion to release this song. And I’m not sure about this last thing, but she said in some interview, that she couldn’t ever perform this song live. Poor Taylor. She’s so brave. And damn, I’m scared to write this Anyways, here is the poem.

It's here, back again, like a devil.
I don't know what else to do.
Can't show how scared I'm for you.
Now I try to find happiness in those small things.
And I pretend everything's alright,
Even though I know it won't ever be back to normal.
Scared for the doctors' words,
I know you were scared too,
The first time, we went to hell on earth.
You had to keep those orange bottles,
Instead of the sweet wine, next to you.
And I'm so scared for you.
See the delusions everywhere I go.
Realize happiness was only for then,
Won't be back anytime soon.
I try not to be selfish.
But who am I, without you?
How will I live here, if there's no you?
Who am I supposed to share my best day with?
Where would I go, if you're no longer here?
Will anyone ever love me, like you do?
Now I pray for you, to someone I didn't even believe in.
Try to bring faith, for me and for you.
Pretend this isn't real.
You try to put on a brave facade.
Make the best of something there's no hope for.
You love the good nurses,
Talk to them as if your life is not coming to an end.
And so, I know I owe it to you.
There will never be a day I won't try.
I'll brighten your life,
Even when the neon kitchens don't.
I'll try to save you.
Make you feel loved.
Pretend it'll be over anytime soon.
Pretend there's still a lot of time.
And I say to you,
You'll get better. Soon.
It's not all over yet, there's still hope.
And I believe in you, you'll get there.
It'll all be alright now,
And soon, you'll get better,'coz you have to.

– P

SLEEPPPP! Is there a thing called sweet wine? I just added it as an adjective. I don’t even know if it exists. Also, why the heck does Spotify have so many adds? ANd why the heck is it still a favorite to almost everyone? Including me, but doesn’t matter. Anyways, I hope you liked the poem.

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Kay, I really need to sleep. bye!!!

Take care!

Good night!!!!!!!


By Pannaga

Hey! I'm Pannaga! I'm 17. "State of Craze" is a Taylor Swift pun, from her song, "State of Grace". I have a thing for hoodies and the name 'Dexter'!! I may be the wildest, goofiest, unpredictable-est, and sarcastic-est, and the dramatic-est person you might ever meet!!! I love to SLeEP!!! I love reading books and listening to music! BTS and Taylor Swift are my absolute favorites of all time!!! Oh, btw, I use exclamatory marks more than full stops :)
OK, bye-bye!

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